Jason Tian

Senior Partner

Jason Tian (or Jie Tian in Chinese Pinyin) has been providing foreign-related legal services to clients back from year 2007, and has worked in the top law firms in China all the way to date such as Beijing Zhonglun Law Firm, Shanghai Office and Beijing Zhongyin Law Firm, Shanghai Office, Beijing Dentons Law Firm, Shanghai Office, and now the senior partner of Landing Law Offices. He once also worked as senior legal translator in the British mega law firm, Clifford Chance LLP’s Shanghai representative office before he took to his legal career. 


  • Advising clients from USA on inheritance of estates in China left by a green-card holder entrepreneur, including listed shares, properties, contract rights (chose in action);
  • Advising clients from USA on estate administration involving living trust and testamentary trust set up in USA;
  • Advise of dozens of clients in inheriting real estate properties in China by way of inheritance right notarization in China, including tax planning in the due course;
  • Advise descendants of Sun Yat Sen on inheritance of garden villa properties in Shanghai that requires payment of land grant fee, and help with selling the property worth more than RMB 100 million;
  • Represent clients in inheritance disputes over estate properties in China and defend their Ÿ rights and interests in courts;
  • Issuing several legal opinions to foreign courts in regard of China Marriage

Social Titles

Lecturer at the law school of East China University of Science and Technology Affiliate Member of STEP (Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners)


Periodically publish legal articles about China civil and business laws on blog: www.sinoblawg.com


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