For business / compliance

Tian has defended clients in multiple major cases, one of which involves a well-known entrepreneur of Taishan Organization and the most senior governmental official in Kunshan explosion case.

With solid theoretical foundation and rich practical experience, Mr. Tian always strives for legal rights and interests of his clients. Many cases were dismissed and not prosecuted to obtain a legal effect of not guilty. Additionally, he has provided a number of companies with criminal legal services, including criminal legal risk prevention and corporate anti-corruption.


For individuals / litigation

Acting as a defender for criminal suspects and defendants in the stages of investigation, examination for prosecution, trial, review of death sentences and other criminal procedures.

Representing victims to participate in criminal proceedings and conduct criminal incidental civil actions.

Representing parties to report and accuse criminal cases.

Representing parties to file criminal private prosecutions.

Training and consultation on the prevention of criminal legal risks of enterprises and entrepreneurs and the prevention of official crimes.

Criminal non-litigation services.

Other criminal-related legal services.