Civil team

Senior Partner

Jason Tian has been providing foreign-related legal services to clients back from year 2007 and has worked in the top law firms in China all the way to date such as Beijing Zhonglun Law Firm, Shanghai Office and Beijing Zhongyin Law Firm, Shanghai Office, Beijing Dentons Law Firm, Shanghai Office, and now the senior partner of Landing Law Offices. He once also worked as senior legal translator in the British mega law firm, Clifford Chance LLP’s Shanghai representative office before he took to his legal career.

Social Titles
Lecturer at the law school of East China University of Science
Technology Affiliate Member of STEP (Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners)

Periodically publish legal articles about China civil and business laws on blog:

Junior Associate

Bachelor of Law, East China University of Political Science and Law

Master of Law (International Business Law), University of Bristol

Litigation field:

Divorce disputes and relevant derived litigation

Inheritance disputes and follow-up execution procedures

Non-litigation field:

Daily communication with clients in need of legal counsel, composition of basic non-litigation instruments on equity transfer and acting holding agreement, etc.; handling of inheritance right and will notarization, and helping foreign customers to handle domestic real estate transaction and taxation affairs.


Bachelor of Law, Soochow University

Master of Law (International Economic Law), City University of Hong Kong

Rebecca focuses on cross-border family and wealth inheritance, civil and commercial dispute resolution, and corporate governance. Especially, she does well in legal services on treatment of assets in China for foreigners.

Daily research on the legal issues involved in the team's cases, assisted in handling various businesses, took charge of the daily maintenance of WeChat official account and article updating, managed the team's English website and regularly published English articles in professional fields.